The Bail Bond Process – From Start to Finish – Explained

When a person gets arrested it can be extremely frightening and demoralizing for them and their family.  This feeling can further aggravate if you do not know what to do next. Fortunately, there is a solution and that is getting bail bonds.

With all that is happening in the moment, you might ask “Is there a bail bondman near me?” The answer is yes and you can count on Amarillo Bail Bonds Service to give you the assistance that you need.

Being the prime bail bonding company in Amarillo, we take pride in assisting you and making the bail bond process easy.  

When someone close to you is being held in jail, we understand that you need help in every way there is and  Amarillo Bail Bonds Service will do exactly that and we will be with you every step of the way. 

The concept of bail bonds and their process can be confusing. But we at Amarillo Bail Bonds Service are here to guide you through the process and help you in getting your loved one free from jail.  

The usual order of events in the bail bonds process are as follow:

Physical Arrest
This is the first event in the process. The defendant is taken into custody and is brought to the jail for booking.  

The process of booking involves mug shots, background checks, and fingerprinting. It also involves a thorough search of the defendant for any weapon, contraband,  and/or any type of illegal drugs he or she might possess.

This process typically lasts for two to six hours, depending on how busy the police station is. 

Setting Of Bail

After being booked and getting processed in the jail, a judge reviews the defendant’s case to set the bail amount.

Determining the involves a lot of factors from your criminal history to your standing in the community in Amarillo.  Another factor in determining the amount of bail is the severity of the crime committed. It is a practice that courts put a hefty amount on those who have committed serious crimes.

Courts in Amarillo also give large sums on the bail amounts of persons who they deem to be of high risk of not showing up in court.

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Call A Bail Bonds Company 

Once the bail amount is identified, it is now time to call a bonding company to help you get that bail bond. 
The defendant’s family can now arrange a reliable bonding company like Amarillo Bail Bonds Service to post the bail for their loved ones.  Once the bail is posted, the defendant will be released right away. 

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Collecting Information

Amarillo Bail Bonds Service will collect valuable information about the defendant. This information includes his or her basic details, the charges against him or her, and background information about the individual is being held in custody.

The information is crucial for the smooth processing of the defendant’s bail bonds.  The accurate collection of these will prevent the bonding company and the defendant to experience any unwanted challenges in the bail bond process. 

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Posting of Bail

Once you call us, we will kickstart the bail bond process immediately so that you can be with your loved one in no time. 

After we have collected the defendant’s information, our trained and caring bondsmen will now post the bail. When the authorities receive this, your loved one can now proceed to the next step in the process which is…


After the paperwork has been finished and the bond is posted and delivered to the respective local jail, the defendant now is released.  This process usually lasts for six to eight hours after the posting of the bail bond. 
The defendant must now get ready for the scheduled court hearings he or she has to face in the future.

We at Amarillo Bail Bonds Service is driven to serve your bail bond needs in Amarillo. Call us at 806-513-4989 and our caring staff will guide you in the different options we can offer you.  

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