Can a Person Bond Themselves Out of Jail?

If you are one of the few who gets arrested and is fortunate enough to have the cash on hand to pay your own bail, you can certainly pay for your own bail in order to get out of jail.

Generally in Amarillo and the rest of Texas, in order to do this, you will be returned to the jail, pay the cash, and then be released. Unfortunately, having cash available to pay a bail bond, is not the case for many people who have get arrested In Amarillo.

​Bail amounts vary widely, but even a bail set at $250 can be a financial hardship you may not be able to bear. And many times bail is set much higher. But that said the purpose of this article is to answer the question, can I bond myself out of jail? And can you bond yourself out of jail in Texas?

If I have the cash on hand, can I pay my own bail?

Let’s get something straight, if you choose to pay your own bail, you will be required to pay the full bail amount. And the bail amount is usually in the thousands of dollars for nonviolent crimes and in the tens of thousands of dollars for more serious crimes.

So yes there is that option.

We know a lot of people are not familiar with the bail bon process, so we want to make it very clear. When you enlist the services of a bail bond agent, you will only pay a small percentage of the total bail amount, typically 10%

What this means is that you are only handing over a much smaller amount of money to secure your freedom until your hearing. 

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Can I bond out without having to post bail? It is unlikely you will be able to bond out of jail without posting bail. It’s not that this is never an option, but typically you cannot even be released without posting bail. For example, if you have been arrested for assault, you are generally not eligible for bail.

If I don’t have cash on hand, how can I get out of jail?

Your best bet would be to contact your bail bondsman, someone who will be able to put up money for you and to get you out of jail. As mentioned above, there are several factors that determine how much someone will get bailed out of jail.

​Those factors may include: The charge and/or your age; whether you have family or friends who can give you money to be bailed out or you have the means to post the bail on your own; whether you have a job or can go to work. What to do if you do not have a bail bondsman, or if you do not have enough money to post bail yourself, you can obtain free legal representation from the local public defender’s office.

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What is the bond process like?

In general, an individual’s risk assessment is used in order to determine the appropriate amount of money needed to be posted in order to secure the release of an individual from jail. There are various ways that bonds are set for bonds, including cash bonds, surety bonds, and a form of a community bail fund. Often individuals will find it easier to obtain release on a surety bond, where the jail pays the required bond in exchange for an individual’s release from jail. While surety bonds do carry an associated set of risks, the majority of those risks are financial and are usually covered by the surety company. If an individual is seeking release on bond, there are a few things they can do to help expedite the process and get back to work as soon as possible.

As always, I would recommend that you call a bail bond company or visit a courthouse. You can tell if your case has merit or not. Many times, your case will be dismissed if there are no facts to support that a crime has been committed. The best way to learn about a situation is to talk to the people on the ground who is involved. If you feel that you will be unfairly treated, you can always contact your local NAACP and we can refer you to an attorney.

When it comes to knowing how bail bonds work, it pays to read up and learn about them before you actually require a bail bond.

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