What Are The Advantages of Bail in Texas?

Getting bail is the fastest means of getting out of jail, but freedom is not the only benefit that comes with getting out on bail. There are very bug upsides of getting out of jail by posting bail.

To begin with you can start Working on Your Defense – this is far easier than trying to do this behind bars. 

Keeping a job and not getting fired  – many bosses would not and honestly cannot keep your job for you if you are locked away for a length of time. 

Avoiding Arrest Altogether – several charges have a preset bail amount that a person can pay and not even be arrested.

Taking care of your family – You are no good to your family if you are behind bars.

Confidentiality – bail helps you get out of bail before anyone or lots of people notice your absence or word gets around about you being locked up. 

In this article we will discuss not only the advantages of bail, but the pros and cons of bail also. 

What are the benefits of bail?

As stated above, it is often easier to work your way out of jail on your own without spending any time locked up in the institution.

Many employers are hesitant to keep your job, and won’t even know if you are out on bail or not, but many, many times they will extend leniency towards you or even start searching for your replacement. When in jail, you are forced to miss work and school.

This can impact your grade in school as well as your job, which is something you likely value greatly, because jail is only ever temporary.

It can be quite expensive to post bail, so many people choose to ask their friends or family members to bail them out, but some of these people are less than honorable and will get your cash and make you pay them back.

Who qualifies for bail?

First, people should know who is eligible to get out of jail on bail.

Generally, if you have no money in your bank account and you are in good standing with the court system, you can qualify for bail. Some people who are on public assistance are not eligible to get out of jail on bail. If you are charged with a violent offense, you may be considered ineligible for bail.

​If your case has been assigned to a judge or public defender’s office, you may be eligible for pretrial release on a personal recognizance bond. If you have any prior arrests, you can be considered ineligible for pretrial release. The type of bond you will be allowed to pay depends on the crime and the severity of the charge you face.

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How much does bail cost?

Most crimes are considered “low level” and so have very low bail amounts. Most Texas laws do not provide for “hard bail“, meaning no pre-trial release until trial.

Most misdemeanors or traffic offenses do not have cash bonds, as many judges like to see a person’s own money for bond, or consider other forms of release.

Generally, a person can be held in jail for up to two months for misdemeanor charges, and up to one year for felony charges.

Alcohol or Drugs Driving Bond eligibility for DUI offenses may include:

  • The fact that the person was under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs when they were driving, or

  • If a blood alcohol level was above 0.

What are the benefits of bail?

Constitutional Rights are a Right the Constitution grants everyone within its limits certain rights that allow them to stay free. Among these are being able to have legal counsel and a right to an attorney when arrested. People arrested for minor offenses are also entitled to the right to an appeal. This is important because the average bail amount for minor charges is $1,000, but the legal fees for appealing the case and paying a lawyer can add up to $500 to $1,000. Additionally, any person on bail is less likely to commit another crime once released from jail.

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You could pay your bail money and be out in no time. Some people may need money immediately for minor reasons. Regardless, being able to pay bail is a privilege, not a right.

I know what you are probably thinking: “Yeah, it’s all great, but I’ll probably still end up bailing out the local criminal instead of the drug kingpin”. Do not be so sure. For starters, most arrests occur for things that do not involve violence. Some of the biggest drug kingpins out there do no even go to jail. The reason they are able to get out of jail is because they have the money to post bail. Some may be using lawyers, but most will just give up and just pay the bail.

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